Unknown reporter writes

I managed to fix non-indexing of ods files in debian by installing this dependency: apt-get install python-libxslt1

I’m using recoll-1.22.3-1 from debian testing/unstable

To reproduce the error use this cmdline:

/usr/share/recoll/filters/rclsoff.py    <ODSFILE.ODS >

which returns: - in case of error: RECFILTERROR HELPERNOTFOUND python:libxml2/python:libxslt1

  • in case of success: == Entry 1 dlen 3144 ipath (mimetype []):

Thank you for writing recoll, I love it (though non-gui users like me don’t seem to be the target-group)

medoc writes

The base recoll installs very few helpers and can almost only index text, html, and email. It is then a packaging choice to decide what gets installed with the base package (pulling all possible helpers would be a lot).

I agree with you are python:libxslt1 / python:libxml2 are essential (and small too), and should be at least in the package recommends. This seems to be the case for the unofficial packages on the recoll web site, but not for the Debian ones.

I think that you should report this to the Debian package maintainer (by creating a bug request or whatever it’s called). It’s better if a real user does it (as opposed to me requesting it) because it proves that such entities do exist.

python-libxml2 and python-libxslt1 should be added to the Recommends, and catdoc should be dropped from the Suggests because it’s not used at all any more.

What do you see missing for non-GUI users ? Maybe a curses interface ? I guess that this could be done over the Python API, but you will need to find a curses guy to do it, I’m not going there :)

medoc writes

The recoll.org packages are ok. This is an issue for the Debian package maintainer