victor-c writes

Hi everybody!

I’m using recoll to archive all my documents and post for the last 6 months. Until now I have mostly scanned documents, passed them through a custom script to ocr them and look for tags out of a list I manually created. Then feed them to recoll and index.

This is working relatively well. I would like to have in recoll a built-in way to actively add or remove tags. This would allow me for example > for the following documents with tags work.pdf [tax] tax1.pdf [tax, 2015] tax2.pdf [tax, 2016] docx.pdf [2015]

add tag [tag] to docx.pdf remove [tax] and add [work, 2016] from/to work.pdf

This would allow me to view a group of documents e.g. tax 2015.

When at it, it would be nice to have a list of custom tags from which I could select one to add to my documents.

Tell me what you think about it. Thank you very much!

medoc writes

I don’t want to add too many features to recoll, I prefer to let it work with external applications. There are a few two tagging applications, which I don’t personnally use, but which I find interesting, and may work well with recoll:

  • tmsu works with recoll, I’d have to dig a little, but I know that we worked on an integration some time ago

  • oyepa and tagspaces store tags in file names, so should work with Recoll "out of the box".

victor-c writes

Thank you! I will try and use what you suggested, and come back with feedback.

medoc writes

Recoll works with external tagging apps, adding a tagging facility would be feature bloat.