Unknown reporter writes


how can I make shure that Recoll indicates all my e-mails (in Thunderbird, even in the local folder) and completely finds sources of information? There is one example that Recoll does not indicate an e-mail that I have written and sent, although I have chosen the index adjustment ".thunderbird default-directory".

Thank you for your answer.

medoc writes

It happens sometimes that a document is not indexed by Recoll, for a number of unpredictable reasons. There is no way to check that all your documents are indexed, for the simple reason that you don’t have a list of them. Recoll is probably best able to build the list but… this does not work to check that recoll works.

So each case when this happens must be debugged. In this case, are other messages from this mail folder file indexed ?

Recollix writes

It seems to bee only the sent-folder that does not work. The content of the inbox-folder for instance is indicated.

medoc writes

Ok, I think that the best thing would be to set up the log file.

In $HOME/.recoll/recoll.conf:

logfilename = /tmp/mylogfile
loglevel = 6

Then force reindexing the Sent folder. In a terminal:

recollindex -e -i "/path/to/my sent folder"

Then have a look at the log file. If there are no privacy issues, maybe the best approach would be to send it to me: jfd@recoll.org

Recollix writes

I think I have found the solution. I chose "local parameters" in "index adjustment" in the menu "adjustment" and added the folder/s, where the Thunderbird-Folder "Sent" respectively "Sent-1" is located. When I searched the specific sent email after having actualized the Index the sent email was indexed and the preview function showed the content.

Thank you for your support.

medoc writes

seems ok