837183 writes

Hey Medoc

If I search "(A)" using Query language, it seems the Xapian query does not contain the brackets at all..see attached image.

So "(A)" is as good as "A".

Is that a Xapian limitation of sorts? it doesn’t index brackets?

I’ve tried escaping the brackets in various ways like:

"\(A\)" "[(]A[)]"

What am I missing :)?

medoc writes

You are not missing anything, recoll does not index parentheses, or any kind of brackets at all.

This is not a Xapian limitation, but a Recoll choice. The Xapian core indexer deals with binary data, and does not care about the contents. I strongly suspect that the Xapian text/query parser (not used by Recoll) has the same approach about brackets though (check with Xapian documentation).