Unknown reporter writes

Hi together,

I would really like to use recoll as "document management system".

I am creating pdf files with latex and often include images and formulas.

The recoll preview does not view the pdf corectly: image is not shown and formulas partially in tex syntax.

Do I have to change any options?

Greets and thanks

medoc writes


the preview is meant to make it possible to have a quick look to the text content without having to launch a heavier app. It is based on the recoll text extractors and was never meant to be a universal document viewer.

In the case of pdf, the input handler / text extractor does not process the images at all, so they can't be displayed in the preview. I'm not too sure why the tex code for formulas is visible, but this must be due to the interaction of their implementation with pdftotext.

You need to use "Open" to launch a real PDF viewer if you need to see the real format and images.

Closing this as Wontfix, please don’t take it badly, but there is really nothing which I think could be done here.