Unknown reporter writes

If the extension is temporarily disabled (icon left-click), the default preferences are restored, namely: "automatically index pages (subject to rules below)"

Also, I’d rather not use automatic indexing, so an option to switch left-click/right-click behaviour would be handy.

…and, I’m not sure I should report bugs against the firefox plugin here.

medoc writes

I think that issues about the firefox plugin should got to its own issue tracker: http://sourceforge.net/p/recollfirefox/tickets/

Unfortunately, there is no real maintainer for the plugin at the moment. I sort of do it, but I’m particularly incompetent concerning javascript and Firefox.

I think that the plugin is going to stop working with the soon coming multi-process firefox, and I’ll probably have to take the plunge anyway. For now please file this bug at the above link so that it does not get forgotten.

medoc writes

To be filed on the firefox plugin page.