Unknown reporter writes

I want to use recoll only to index my web-pages on-demand (then search within the browser using https://github.com/koniu/recoll-webui), but I can’t get anything to index:

This is my configuration

processwebqueue = 1
topdirs =
webcachemaxmbs = 128

This is the log after starting recollindex -m:

:3:recollindex.cpp:517:recollindex: changing current directory to [/tmp]
:3:recollindex.cpp:550:recollindex: starting up

Nothing is logged after I use the firefox plugin to index a page, but the page is saved to ~/.recollweb/ToIndex/

After I open the recoll UI application and perform a search, this is logged:

:2:reslist.cpp:229:QtGuiResListPager::suggest: aspell failed: The file "/home/lhumen/.recoll/aspdict.en.rws" can not be opened for reading.

After I quite recoll, recollindexer crashes? with the following log:

:2:../index/fsindexer.cpp:168:FsIndexers: no topdirs list defined
:3:../rcldb/rcldb.cpp:1690:Db::waitUpdIdle: total xapian work 154 mS
:3:../utils/workqueue.h:202:DbUpd: tasks 0 nowakes 0 wsleeps 1 csleeps 0
:2:recollindex.cpp:659:recollindex, initial indexing pass failed, not going into monitor mode
:3:../utils/workqueue.h:202:Internfile: tasks 0 nowakes 0 wsleeps 2 csleeps 0
:3:../utils/workqueue.h:202:Split: tasks 0 nowakes 0 wsleeps 2 csleeps 0

medoc writes

Add something to topdirs, it may be any file or an empty directory. It seems that the indexer does not like an empty topdirs.