fcastilloec writes

I first notice the bug using recoll on python. Running this code:


from recoll import recoll

db = recoll.connect()
query = db.query()
nres = query.execute("string rclcat:spreadsheet rclcat:message")

This resulted in zero finds. Then executing this two commands, the results are non-zero.

nres1 = query.execute("string rclcat:spreadsheet")
nres2 = query.execute("string rclcat:message")

I don’t understand why concatenating the commands, implies an OR. This is what the user manual says about it.

Then, I decided to do the same search on the GUI using the advance interface. The results are still not complete, but slightly better. It seems the GUI replaces the advance query rclcat: into the correspondent mime types and it also uses some stemming.

I’ve tried with multiple strings and all of them return zero. I feel that the search string is being interpreted as a AND instead of OR, or maybe there is something else going on.

EDIT: Forgot to add my recoll version: Recoll 1.21.4 + Xapian 1.2.16 Python 2.7.6 Python 3.4.3 Ubuntu 14.04 64bit

medoc writes

Thanks for reporting this, you are right, something is wrong with mime type filtering when multiple types are specified (this is wider than just Python or just rclcat actually). I am going to investigate.

medoc writes

This is supposedly fixed with the latest commits to the 1.21 and trunk branches.

medoc writes

Oops, and also in the released 1.21.5 and latest Windows 1.22