rdzidlic writes

this warning as it is now is quite annoying - it is ok to see it once per session but seeing it for every single search result without an easy possibility to disable is too much.

I am getting it for email/MBOX results when hitting preview. The mboxes are updated too frequently to keep them updated up to the minute and despite that it almost never happens that it would display the wrong entry as the older parts of the MBOX tend to be very stable.

There could be a pref in the config file or the dialog could be extended by an "ignore for this session".

BTW when hitting "open" instead of preview it wants to launch "evolution" - how do I get rid of this?

medoc writes

I agree, I’ll add an "ignore for this session" option.

About Evolution, this is probably the desktop default (chosen by xdg-open). To change:

  • Preferences- >GUI configuration- >Choose editor application

  • Select message/rfc822 and text/x-mail

  • Check "Exception to desktop preferences", and either leave the entry empty to keep the Recoll default (thunderbird), or insert an appropriate command to launch your mail agent on the file (%f).

  • Then "Apply to current selection"

This works a bit weirdly for messages inside mailboxes, because the mailer will be started on a temporary copy of the message. It’s also possible to open the parent folder from the popup.

medoc writes

Just remember the "Ignore" decision, I don’t really see the point of an additional control (the new message tells about future ignoring).