Unknown reporter writes

Installed recoll and python2.7.10 Started recoll, indexing works fine on ~ Added path using Preferences/Index. Indexing fails with new path. Tried adding topdirs=… in recoll.conf, using syntax variants (//server/c /c C: …) - no success.

As a result, I am not able to index other paths except ~ Am I missing something?

Thx Uli

medoc writes

Hi Windows Recoll user :)

I’m not sure what may be happening here, I don’t seem to have issues setting arbitrary paths using the C:/path/to/my/dir syntax, which is what the Qt Dialog generates.

Can you take a look at what it says in the log file ? Set it at level 4 for example, and send it to some file, it may give an idea of what is happening. It might be best to execute recollindex.exe directly rather than from the GUI to avoid log mixups.

Thanks for trying this out ! I’m sure there are still some rough edges. For example, I am trying to fix an unexplained crash which very helpfully disappears when I run under the debugger…

searchuli writes

Hi medoc, sorry for the delay… now I am registered and watching the issue. Here is what recollindex.exe says

C:\Program Files (x86)\Recoll >recollindex.exe :3:..\..\index\recollindex.cpp:538:recollindex: changing current directory to [C:/Users/uli/AppData/Local/Temp] :3:..\..\index\recollindex.cpp:571:recollindex: starting up :3:..\..\index\fsindexer.cpp:243:fsindexer index time: 65 mS

I’m afraid this is not very helpful… So I tried some additional path - and now it works! My hypothesis is that it has something to do with the Win10 TH2 upgrade which I installed in the meantime. I think this Issue is obsolete.

medoc writes

Thanks anyway for reporting this.

I am not an habitual Windows user, and I would be quite curious to know if Recoll on Windows is useful at all (I had fun porting it anyway). Nobody sends feedback, so if you have any remarks on the subject, they will be very welcome.

searchuli writes

I have indexed my local user data now, and search is really fast. The down point is that both recollindex.exe and recoll.exe crash frequently, bringing up standard Windows pop-ups; these are foreground&modal, so they disturb regular work. I cannot see any functional effect; everything seems to work fine. But I did not yet dig into the logs…

medoc writes

Sorry to hear that it crashes so much for you, I had had the impression that things were a bit better with the last version (2015115). It appears not… I’ll resume testing. The log is only useful for debugging crashes if set at a very high level (6). Also, currently, the log from the GUI and the indexer will go to the same file and destroy each other. I’ll add separate GUI/indexer logs in the next version to help with investigating issues.

medoc writes

I’ve done some more testing. The mbox handling code was not working at all, this will be fixed in the next version.

You probably have no mbox-format files on your Windows system, but what it changed for me is that it discovered much more test data (I have an enormous mbox stash with myriads of attachments), and I’m seeing many crashes from Python.exe (and a few from antiword).

Are the crashes you are seeing from the filter programs or from recoll or recollindex (I’m not seeing any of those) ?

The Python crashes are frequent and extremely ennoying, I’ll try to see what kind of doc causes them, and either fix the issue or look for a way to mask it.

searchuli writes

Okay, I have lots of mbox (Thunderbird) files and also observed many python.exe crashes. recollindex.exe is also crashing frequently; with recoll.exe, it’s not so often. So I’m looking forward to the next version. Pls give advis how to log properly then.

medoc writes

I’ve uploaded a new version (1.22.0-20151202). Both the processing of mbox files and of email attachments had massive flaws.

The new version does not seem to crash for me (on Windows 7).

I’ll be very interested by your feedback…

medoc writes

no feedback

sevensky writes

I have encountered the same problem. I empty this directory C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Recoll\xapiandb Then the problem is solved.