Unknown reporter writes

I use Recoll 1.20.6-1.3 under opensuse LEAP 42 Plasma 5 in a virtual box. Unfortunately, no newer packages are available. A cifs share is rw mounted to /home and indexed. Everything works as expected but whenever I try to export the result list to a CSV file, a file was created with names à la "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE�������!". These files could not be deleted or renamed with dolphin but with midnight commander. After renaming, the file could be opened and contained the exported list in CSV format.

medoc writes


I can’t reproduce this with recoll 1.20.6-1.3 from KDE:Extras on OpenSUSE 13.2 or tumbleweed.

Where does your package come from? I think that this is a build or binary compatibility issue, not a recoll bug.

alexander_schmiechen writes

Bonjour et merci pour votre réponse,

the version of recoll I use is from the KDE:Extra repository. Maybe it is an issue with the new openSUSE LEAP 42.1 or even virtualbox. Hard to track down.

If I find some hints pointing to a solution I will let you know.

medoc writes

Probable lib version compat issue.