Konfekt writes

How about putting all cached data, for example the xapian & webcache databases and history file into ~/.cache/recoll/ (or, if defined, into $XDG_CACHE_HOME/recoll)?

This way ~/.recoll would only contain configuration files, making it easier and more economic to backup it online or put it under version control.

medoc writes

I would certainly the recommended XDG places if the project was started today.

But recoll is older than .config and .cache, and changing things would be a serious disturbance, even if only doing it for new installations. There would be a lot of documentation to change.

In other words, I agree that this is the right way, but I don’t volunteer to perform the change and ensure that its introduction does not result in trouble for users.

The history file is usually quite small. All the "big" data directories have configuration variables which allow storing them elsewhere: dbdir, webcachedir, mboxcachedir.

There is currently one unfortunate exception which is the aspell dictionary, the name of which is hard-coded to live in $RECOLL_CONFDIR. Adding a configuration variable would be easy though.

Konfekt writes

Ok, then how about a single configuration variable for all cache files, instead of

dbdir = /.cache/recoll/xapiandb/ webcachedir = /.cache/recoll/web/ mboxcachedir = /.cache/recoll/mbox/ idxstatusfile = /.cache/recoll/idxstatus.txt

a single

cachedir = ~/.cache/recoll

would be sufficient for most use cases.

medoc writes

Add cachedir variable allowing to move all data directories by setting a single value. Closes issue #270

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