Morgan_L writes

First, let me thank you for the best file search program i have ever tried! :)

I am pretty new to it, but think there is an issue which i describe below:

Recoll 1.20.6, on Mageia 5, 64 bit, KDE

1) recoll menu Tools - > Advanced search - > tab "Filter"; 2) in bottom field "Restrict results to files in subtree" i enter the folder tree in which i want to search for a word (simple test). All three checkboxes above left are unchecked. 3) in the "Find" tab at top row right i enter the word i want to find in that subtree. All else are as default (I presume: all middle dropdowns show "No field" and the dropboxes left of them show from top to bottom: Any, Phrase, None, None, None. 4a) set the top left dropdown to "All clauses" and press "Start Search". Result: it finds all documents in that subtree that contain the given word. That is correct. 4b) change that dropdown to "Any clause" and press "Start Search". Result: it returns findings inside that subtree and other places !

I have a feeling that the logic "any" spills over to not care of location, but it would be strange if such bug have not been corrected for so long… Maybe i understand something wrong?

BTW i ask as i failed to understand nor in documentation find what this item is for: In advanced search, "Find" tab, second row there is a number dial - what is that for?

medoc writes

You are right, and there is a bug, thanks for reporting it in such detail that it was easy to reproduce.

The "any clause" option is rarely useful, and little used I guess.

The number dial appears for the Phrase and Proximity clauses, and defines the number of additional terms which can appear among the ones you enter. For example, if you search for "Imagine all people" as a phrase, "Imagine all the people" will not be matched with a slack of 0, but it will be matched with a slack of one. For phrases, this allows introducing a level of fuzzyness.

For proximity searches, it is even more obviously useful, as it defines the actuall level of proximity you are looking for. With a level of 0, you are looking for all the words in any order but contiguous, which is rarely useful.

Another example of the things you can do is looking for terms within a certain distance from the beginning of the text. This can be useful for searching only titles or abstract in cases where the metadata is not defined. You would use an anchored search (beginning with ^), with a relatively high slack, in the hundreds maybe.

Morgan_L writes

OK good :) Thanks for the explanation on the number dial. If it is not in documentation please add your explanation to it :)

medoc writes

Avanced search in "Any Clause" mode: directory filter would not filter but add an ORed clause! Fixes issue #269

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