Unknown reporter writes

  1. . after, possibly (I did both) (1) aborting an indexing, (2) setting root as a top (i.e. top-level - I find this terminology unhelpful) directory. This has happened twice. The first time a complete uninstall, manual folder deletion, and reboot was needed to fix. The second time . . well, I am about to find out.

It is a shame, because in other ways the program is so good.

I have Linux Mint 17.2 x64 Cinnamon. The problem affects the version of Recoll in the Mint repositories and the latest one on the website. No error message is given save Indexing failed.

Edit from anonymous:

The problem I reported may owe to setting Recoll to use only 5% of available disk space (for some reason).

PS: I would create an account, and in that way be able to edit my previous report, but life is too short - and Linux software’s bugs too numerous - for that.

medoc writes

You need to look at the log file to see what caused the indexing error. I see that you changed the fs occupation limit, so I guess that you can find your way to the log file. Without more information there is nothing I can do about your issue.

medoc writes

No feedback. Probable user error