cmdtstof writes

i try mostly to work with shortcuts

one of the most used is ctrl+l in browsers for the addressbar.

ctrl-l in the recoll gui would be a great enhancment for me.

  • ctrl-l in the gui would jump to the search field.

  • 2 tab goes to the result list

  • moving throught the results by arrows

  • enter (not implemented yet!) would open file (in the moment open context menu and open)

this feature would worth for me a CHF100.-


medoc writes

I just wrote a small doc about the current state of current GUI keyboard navigation:

I think that this is pretty close to what you wish except that:

  • Ctrl+Shift+s is currently used to get the focus back to the search entry. (I’ll add Ctrl+l in the future, it’s a 2 lines addition).

  • Moving through the result list entries is down with tabs. This would be very difficult to change because this is a WebKit window. Moving through the result table entries is done with the arrows.

Enter will indeed open the file when the appropriate link is focused. In the result table, use Ctrl+o

I’d be interested by your additional comments.

cmdtstof writes

dear medoc great! money is on the way and i wait till i get the ctrl+l improvement. thanks!

medoc writes


I really appreciate the offer for funds, thanks. However, the recoll project has no infrastructure, no costs, so no real need for money. If you feel like it, you’d oblige me with a donation on my behalf to an open project which actually needs it, for example Wikipedia (or any other of your liking).

The ctrl+l shortcut is already in the 1.20 source branch by the way, if you want to build it from source.