bariumbitmap writes

I often lose track of my Recoll window and accidentally open several at a time. It would be handy if there were an option to minimize Recoll to the tray, much like e.g. KeePassX does.

This should be fairly straightforward now that Qt supports systray icons:

medoc writes


I’m not opposed to this idea, just curious: what would a notification area icon provide which the normal taskbar icon can’t ?

The multiple instance issue is a different one: there could be an option to prevent this (restore running instance instead of opening new one). Actually I think that Qt also has support for this.

bariumbitmap writes

The notification area is always visible and constant between workspaces, so it’s a lot easier to keep track of.

But now that you mention it, restoring a running instance is actually more convenient for my use case, and would probably be better in the long run since some desktop environments autohide notification icons by default.

Should I file a separate feature request?

medoc writes

I had fogotten about multiple desktop behaviour, that’s a good point.

No need for a separate issue for single instance, I’ll take a look at both at the same time.

medoc writes

I just pushed an update with basic system tray functionality (you need to enable it in the GUI preferences panel).

About restoring a running instance, the QT single instance code is deprecated, and I’m too lazy to write this from scratch. But maybe the hotkey approach may be ok for you ?