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First, I’ve found no configuration setting to increase the number lines saved/exposed by the dropdown bound to the search terms input. Ten entries of prior searches may suit users on low resolution monitors, but I wish this limit was not a fix/hardcoded number. If I could set this to 25 entries (I checked and can’t see how) it would partially obviate the balance of this feature request, below.

In order to achieve a suitably narrow resultset, one often needs to repeatedly "tweak" the query. Too often I discover that a prior successful query "has scrolled off the (dropdown) list" and I’ve neglected to jot a pen+paper note of that best, exact, query term. Sigh.

Still, preserving just the query term(s) only goes so far, in terms of helpfulness — especially across sessions. Also, in a multi-user scenario (workstation with shared login account, multiple users), some users lack the skill/patience to devise "an exact enough" set of search parameters. Even for a skilled user, for the sake of improved usability (and assured repeatability) it would be hugely beneficial if a "save" button were available.

Clicking save would raise a dialog window displaying something like "add to canned (saved? custom?) searches" and would provide input fields for: — name (text:80)(friendly name, heuristic/memorable name) — note (freeform/textarea)(why this exists, when this saved search should used)

The save dialog could silently capture the remaining search params, rather than reduntantly displaying each param:value pair. User saving knows/realizes that s/he is saving the settings from the last-run search…

…but, later, in the "choose a saved search" dialog, inclusion of param:value pairs in the displayed info would be beneficial toward coaching "how do I achieve a search ALMOST like this saved one?" Also, I suspect that upon initial save, the "name" of an item might not be clear enough or the "note" might not be sufficiently verbose; hopefully, the name and note fields would editable from within the "choose a saved search" dialog.

I think the ideal workflow would result from a "choose a saved search" dialog simply presenting a list of friendly names, with an "edit this" button for each. A separate "edit" dialog) would handle revisions to details of a saved item.

Thanks for your consideration.

medoc writes


What recoll version are you using ? The dropdown is not limited to 10. As far as I can see it is limited to 200 in ssearchb.ui (you can look at this in qt-designer, the control is a QComboBox named "queryText").

I have no idea where a value of 10 would come from. As far as I can see, it was 30 for a long time and then changed to 200 around 2011-2012. It does seem to have a high value in 1.19, I get a scrollbar when I open the history in my recoll instance.

The advanced search panel also has history (use the up/down arrows), it remembers the full detail of the query, it currently remembers the last 100 queries (hard-coded unfortunately).

The above was just informational, I do like your idea of named search queries. For some heavy users, some remembered queries could go off the history while still useful.

Adding this to the todo :)

medoc writes

Implemented saving/loading simple and advanced searches to/from named XML files. Close issue #220

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