biomimetics writes

via the gui I added a the following types for filenames to be skipped during the indexing process (.pdf, .txt, .sqlite). but once I run reindex I can see that the indexer is still indexing them.

the recoll.conf looks ok though?

Recoll 1.19.5 + Xapian 1.2.15

cat .recoll/recoll.conf
# The system-wide configuration files for recoll are located in:
#   /usr/local/share/recoll/examples
# The default configuration files are commented, you should take a look
# at them for an explanation of what can be set (you could also take a look
# at the manual instead).
# Values set in this file will override the system-wide values for the file
# with the same name in the central directory. The syntax for setting
# values is identical.

unac_except_trans = ää Ää öö Öö üü Üü ßss œoe Œoe æae Æae fifi\
topdirs = /home/limo/Dokumente/07.2014/
skippedNames = .beagle .bzr .cache .git .hg .pdf .recoll* .sqlite .svn .thu\
mbnails .txt .xsession-errors *~ #* bin Cache cache* caughts\
pam CVS recoll.conf recollrc tmp xapiandb
indexstemminglanguages = english german german2
limo@rs:~ >

medoc writes

Oops, sorry about this, the first version ate my wildcards !

*.pdf *.hg

The things like .beagle .bzr which you see are full directory names, not suffix patterns…

biomimetics writes

thanks for the explanation. maybe it would be good to change the naming in the gui to directory names to be skipped or something similiar. I was confused since the field above mentions explicitly (sub)directories.

maybe you can give me a hint what I will have to do if I only want to index certain filetypes or leave out certain files?

medoc writes

Please see my correction above, and have a look at the manual:


  • SkippedNames

  • SkippedPaths

  • indexedmimetypes

  • excludedmimetypes

My apologies for the inconsistent capitalization. Maybe one day I’ll make the variable names in the file case-insensitive and I’ll fix them…

If there are still things unclear after a look at the manual, please ask more questions.