scasier writes

First of all: Thanks a lot for Recoll! It has been tremendously useful for me.

I love how customizable Recoll is and how well all the different controls and settings are documented. One feature I have been longing for for a while now is a way to include a link to the parent folder in my custom result list.

What I am thinking of, in particular, is a substitution like the ones documented [in this section]( of the manual that would open the file manager on the parent folder of the document.

Wouldn’t it be neat to have something like:


<a href="F%N" >%F</a >

That would expand to something like:


So what I am suggesting is to implement two new substitutions:

  • %F – expands to the parent folder as a string

  • F%N (in the context of a <a href > tag ) – creates a clickable link that opens the file manager to the parent directory of the document

I do know that it’s possible to open the parent folder from the right click menu but I think it would be great in terms of customization to have another way to access the parent folder.

Showing the parent folder right in the result list would also be helpful to quickly grasp where the document in question is located at. One might argue that the URI (%U) can achieve the same but I think it’s also important to be able to show a simple human-readable path.

Thank you for considering this. SC.

medoc writes


This looks like a good idea, and it should make its way into the next recoll version.


scasier writes

> This looks like a good idea, and it should make its way into the next recoll version.

That’s great. Thank you! I’ll be glad to help out with any testing required.

medoc writes


I just pushed an update which should implement the above. For reasons of conflicts with previous values, the expansion is from %P, and the link target F%N

scasier writes

Working great here! Thank you very much!

The only suggestion I have, would be to maybe remove the file:// prefix for local files. That would make the parent path a bit more readable, I think.

Oh, and one other thing: Would it be possible to modify the link target action so that it opens up the file manager with the file highlighted in the folder (like it does when you use the right click menu?).

Thanks again for all your hard work!

medoc writes

I made the link work a bit more like the right click entry (they’re still different because the right-click tries to open the parent document, and only opens the folder if there is none). Also removed the file:// part from the expansion. Please test and tell me how this works for you.

scasier writes

Absolutely perfect. Thank you very much!