Thomas01 writes


I would like to use command-line, but I get different result with gui than cli! Use this command in cli:

recoll -c <xapian_db > -t -b -q <search_word >

On GUI: make only simple search with same search_word.

Of course, I use same database with more than ~1million object.

medoc writes

We need to compare the Xapian Query strings for both queries. There are probably options set in the GUI which are not set on the command line (or the contrary). Please take a look at the following issue, where the problem turned out to be different stemming options (yours may be different):

Thomas01 writes

I remove "-q" switcher, now I use this command: recoll -c <xapian_db > -b -t <search_word >

I found the problem. My test word was "test" and when I enter this word to the GUI, I don’t get this query: Query details: (test:(wqf=11)) I got different.

Thomas01 writes

When I use "*" in the searchword, I always get different query in cli and GUI.

medoc writes

I just tried, and I don’t see a difference. What Recoll version are you using ?

Are you sure that you are escaping the wildcard from the shell ? (best put the whole query in single quotes).

Also check that:

  • You are using the same stemming language(s) in the GUI and command line.

  • You are using the same external databases if any

Thomas01 writes

  • Recoll 1.19.14p1 (I think the newest)

  • Disable aspell usage

  • Stemming languages: only English

  • Same database on recoll GUI and CLI (use default DB: /root/.recoll)

  • Fresh new install ubuntu 14.04

That sounds interesing, when I use Kali linux the and use "test" search_word the query work correctly, but under Ubuntu 14.04 I get different query. This is Kali screenshot ~ ![2014-07-04 03.39.35 pm.png]( This is Ubuntu 14.04 screenshot![Screenshot from 2014-07-04 16_07_38.png]( Other question: what does it mean "wqf=11" in the query?

medoc writes

I assume that this is the same index in both cases ?

It really looks like stemming is disabled on Kali. Are you sure that English is selected (In the Preferences menu) ? This is a different function than spelling correction (aspell).

wqf = 11 is an additional weight which we put on the original user term as opposed to its derivatives, this gives slightly higher priority to results where the term appears verbatim.

Thomas01 writes

Yes, thats the solution. After I set "no stemming" on the preferences menu, I get same results in cli than GUI.

Really, thank you!