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sometimes I have files that are not correclty indexed by the realtime daemon, that is, the file is created, but recollindex -m does not get it. Not sure what the cause is, but I think it is a combination of:

Suspend/resume + Dropbox.

Has anyone else had this issue?

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Sorry, that comment was mine :).

I have more information. This is the specific use case:

I have a Dropbox folder, with an encfs system mounted on DropboxEncrypted. When a remote system creates a new file on the encrypted system, recoll does not get the "new file" event. I have to modify it to make recoll be aware.

If I create the file locally, it works with no problems.

I think it is not a problem of recoll, since Thunar does not get the change either. Probably I have to dig more into fuse options, or something like that.

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The problem seems to reside on the FUSE layer. However, I do have a related request :).

If I want to reindex that file, I typically have to kill recollindex -m, which I think is not the right way to do it. Is there any other way? I tried touch, but that changes the date of the file.

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Sorry, there is currently no way to tell recollindex -m to re-index a given file. This is an uncommon situation as the daemon is supposed not to need this. You need to stop it and use recollindex -e/-i to reindex the file.

About the initial issue, I suppose that fuse and inotify don’t work so well together ? I’d be interested by your conclusion when you reach one.



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conclusions seems to be the following: inotify does not emit any sort of event whenever the backend filesystem changes, only when the frontend does. This would be almost irrelevant when you only work on local systems, since to modify the backend you have to go through the fronend. However, as I am working with Dropbox, the situations is slightly different.

Lets imagine in host A I have an encfs folder shared via dropbox (/Dropbox/.encfs folder). This folder is mounted using FUSE in /EncryptedDropbox, whose contents are indexed by recoll/tracker/whatever. Lets imagine I create a new file called "/EncryptedDropbox/helloword.txt". This file is actually named /Dropbox/.encfs/adfdsifyadfda.ads (totally made up). In host A helloword.txt is indexed, as inotify events are thrown for the frontend FS.

However, whenever I resume my laptop (host B), it updates Dropbox and gets the /Dropbox/.encfs/adfdsifyadfda.ads file. This does not generate any event for /EncryptedDropbox/helloword.txt, which is now available. Therefore, recoll does not get the New-File-Event.

I guess this bahaviour make partial sense, as many FUSE FS are remote, and it is not possible to constantly scan the backend. But for encfs, perhaps they could use inotify to monitor the backend.

But this is my understanding, I didn’t spend much on this.


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