g_i writes

recoll gui says:

/usr/share/recoll/filters/xls-dump.py (application/vnd.ms-excel) Perl::Image::ExifTool (image/tiff) antiword (application/msword) python:midi (audio/x-karaoke) python:mutagen (audio/mp4 audio/mpeg) unrtf (text/rtf)

Are really needed? Anyway, I cant find xls files via recoll

g_i writes

I installet manually xls-dump.py (and I set the execution flag on the file). I have no more the error but xls are still unindexed

medoc writes

Thanks for reporting this. The xls filter was missing from 1.19.12. I fixed it, and updating from the PPA should fix the problem. (There were 2 files missing which is probably why installing xls-dump.py was not enough, xlsxmltocsv.py was needed too).

g_i writes

It works. Thank you.