Unknown reporter writes

meta[Doc::keyabs] length can never be greater than 150, ignoring idxabsmlen, since all meta fields are truncated to 150 chars. (rcldb.cpp:1507)

medoc writes

Thanks for reporting this, it must have been beastly to track in the code.

This was apparently an unintended consequence of a "simplification" change of making the abstract just another "stored" field.

This is old code, and it’s full of warts, a bit of a mess, clearly, (for example, why does "title" have special treatment??). Part of the issues in there are due to an initial attempt to stay compatible with the data records in a Xapian Omega index.

I’ll look into cleaning this up (trying to check for consequences this time …). Meanwhile, I guess that, if you were able to find the place, you should be able to change the value :) Just know that the size limit for the Xapian data record is a couple hundred Megs, so you have a lot of headroom, but data records over a few dozen kbytes will probably hurt performance.

medoc writes

add parameter to set max stored length of metadata fields. Previously fixed at 150. Fixes issue #178

→ <<cset 05b197d82969 > >