viktor_ writes

Hello, I just upgrade recoll from 1.18.2 to 1.19.10. And my config under [guifilters] in .recoll/mimeconf c:Mail-A = rclcat:message dir:"~/Docs/Documents3/office/nsn-mail-calendars/arc-recoll" stopped to work. Reason looks in relative path. After changing on absolute path c:Mail-A = rclcat:message dir:"/home/vic/Docs/Documents3/office/nsn-mail-calendars/arc-recoll" it stared to work again. Of course it’s minor issuer, may be you could put in nearest correction. Thank you.

medoc writes


Thanks for reporting this. Tilde expansion is apparently not performed any more for dir: clauses in 1.19 (it’s not specific to [guifilters]). I’ll check to see if there was a reason, or if it’s just a bug which needs correcting.

medoc writes

perform tilde expansion for dir: clauses. Closes issue #177

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