tbclark3 writes

Platform: Fedora 20 64-bit

After upgrading from 1.19.9 to 1.19.11, indexing hangs. I have deleted the index files, and restarted the index job several times, and each time it hangs in a different place, and on a different file. When it hangs, the system load goes up, but it does not update any files in the .recoll directory. The only way to stop it is to kill the job. It has hung several times on long Quicken data files that it does not know how to index, but on others as well, such as mp3 files that it indexes correctly once, then hangs the next time. I cannot see any pattern in what is causing it to hang. I deleted the index files, downgraded to 1.19.9, and everything is fine again.

medoc writes

Hi, and thanks for reporting this.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what is causing it. I know that there is a bug in the current version, but it usually manifests itself by crashes of the indexer, and it’s quite probably also in 1.19.9. It happens quite rarely so it’s difficult to diagnose. It does not seem to be related to what you are seeing.

If you can possibly spare the time, two things would be useful.
  • Set up the debug log and set the debug level to 6 so that we can have an idea of what the program is doing when it stalls. More details about using the log file here: https://bitbucket.org/medoc/recoll/wiki/ProblemSolvingData

  • Retry the indexing with forced single-threading (in case this is a concurrency issue). For this, you need to add the following line to ~/.recoll/recoll.conf:

thrQSizes = -1 -1 -1



medoc writes

As far as I know, all multithreading issues are solved in 1.19.13

tbclark3 writes

Thanks! I will give it a try. I am pretty sure the issue I had was related to multithreading, so hopefully this takes care of it.