Unknown reporter writes

As I note in http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20086062/make-recoll-index-sqlite-files recoll will currently not index SQLite3 files.

Could someone write a filter that indexes the output of:

sqlite3 database.sqlite3 .dump

I’d do it myself if I knew how.

I realize this is a far from perfect way to index SQLite3, but at least it’s a start.

medoc writes


I’m not sure that there would be much advantage in having a specific filter. If you dump your files to ones with a .txt extension, the latter will be automatically indexed as text files. I am not sure of how useful this will be, it depends on your context, but it would achieve what you suggest above, without needing a specific recoll developement.

As a bonus, you could use sed on the output to filter out the keywords, to avoid spurious search hits. Something like:


sqlite3 database sqlite3 .dump | sed -e 's/INSERT INTO/ /g' -e 's/CREATE/ /g' [...]  > database.txt

(the brackets and ellipsis are not part of the command, just to suggest that you may want to filter out some other stuff).

medoc writes

Not much more to say…