bariumbitmap writes

I’m using recoll version 1.16.2-1 on Ubuntu 12.04.

Whenever I try to open recoll, I get a popup box with this message:

Configuration problem: Configuration could not be built:
Explicitly specified configuration must exist (won't be automatically created)

and I get this as stderr:

$ recoll
Got bus address:  "unix:abstract=/tmp/dbus-GO0LJ4yYcr,guid=e695867e0d6df401c0df2baf0000dd87"
Connected to accessibility bus at:  "unix:abstract=/tmp/dbus-GO0LJ4yYcr,guid=e695867e0d6df401c0df2baf0000dd87"
Registered DEC:  true
:4:main.cpp:143:recollCleanup: writing settings

I’ve tried deleting the .recoll folder and running sudo apt-get purge recoll && sudo apt-get install recoll, but that didn’t change anything.

medoc writes

Have you got RECOLL_CONFDIR set in your environment by any chance ?

(I had asked the same question on askubuntu, but wrongly, in the answer section, and some admin deleted it. Police quite efficient down there…)

bariumbitmap writes

Yeah, I think so.


medoc writes

Ok, then please either unset it (it’s the default value anyway), or create the .recoll directory (mkdir .recoll) before launching recoll.

This "feature" of recoll is so that a mistyped "recoll -c somedir" will not create a recoll directory at some random place (I’m not totally sure it’s a good idea actually). It should at least check that the value is not the default one…

bariumbitmap writes

Ok, I ran


and now it will create a new .recoll folder and let me re-index again. I guess the old database was corrupt, but I stil have a backup of the old recoll.conf file, so life is good.


medoc writes

I also answered on askubuntu. Please mark the problem solved or whatever you’re supposed to do there :)