poooooz writes

Hello, i don’t know if i’m in the right place, i have a mistake with my template files ".tpl".

When my template files have an html tag (<html > / <script > / etc…), they are considered as "text/html".

If not, they are "text/plain".

When they are in "text/html", the indexation is not good, but with "text/plain" it’s OK.

How can i tell recoll to consider ".tpl" as "text/plain" ?

And how can i remove the HTML processing (for all HTML files, i want they are processed like text files).

Thank you in advance.

medoc writes

In your config directory ($HOME/.recoll if you did not change it), edit the mimemap file, and insert two lines:

.html = text/plain
.tpl = text/plain

(and .htm or whatever other suffixes you may use)

Then reset the index.

poooooz writes

Thank you it’s work !!

medoc writes