Unknown reporter writes


System: Debian Wheezy, XFCE 4.10 (from testing). Recoll 1.19.7 (built from source) + Xapian 1.2.15 (wheezy-backports).

Neither the Snippets link nor the Dups link works when the results table view is shown. Both work as expected in the default results view. Both work as expected from the context menu (right-click) in the tables view.

The debug errors (stderr) are, respectively: :2:restable.cpp:762:ResTable::linkWasClicked: bad link [A1] :2:restable.cpp:762:ResTable::linkWasClicked: bad link [D1]

No additional information appears to be logged in higher debug levels, but let me know if there is any more information or testing required.

The source was compiled into a .deb package with dh-make and upgraded from Recoll 1.17.x from wheezy repository. Local config files originated from a previous Debian Squeeze installation, but only mimetype and mimeview have changes.



nickw79 writes

Sorry, the Markdown (and noScript) caught me out. The error messages are:

:2:restable.cpp:762:ResTable::linkWasClicked: bad link [A1]
:2:restable.cpp:762:ResTable::linkWasClicked: bad link [D1]


medoc writes

Thanks a lot for reporting this, I just forgot to add the appropriate code to restable when these 2 functions were added. Expect a fix in the RECOLL_1_19_MAINT branch in a few days. Cheers, jf

medoc writes

Either copying the 5 files into an 1.19.7 tree or checking out the RECOLL_1_19_MAINT branch should be ok.