biomimetics writes


I just tried the near functionality of the advanced search. so I have a first term

all - > no field - > device

and the second term is set

near - > no field - > 10 - > replacement

now if I look at the query I get

Anzahl Ergebnisse (ca.): 3308 Suchdetails: device:(wqf=11) OR devices OR device’s OR deviced OR replaced OR replacement:(wqf=11) OR replace OR replacing OR replacements OR replaceable OR replaces

As far as I understand the query language there should be some NEAR statement together with the number of words to look forward and backwards, though I do not find it in this query.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something.

it would be great to have a bit more of the documentation on how to do different searches, to see the full capabilities of recoll/xapian.

best regards


medoc writes

You need to enter it all in the same field:

[proximity] [No field] [10] [Device Replacement]
  • > Result count (est.): 1 Query details: device NEAR 12 replacement

Amusingly, the lone result on my system is the bitbucket message related to this issue…

medoc writes