Unknown reporter writes

Its a very good software and fast enough. I use it. Nut what I miss the most is the ability to fix the metadata, specially that of pdf files. I know this leads to the long lasting demand of easy pdf metadata modification app in linux. Still I wish to know, do you have any thought in this direction?

medoc writes


I guess that this would have been more appropriate for the recoll mailing list where maybe some members have ideas on the subject, but anyway, here follows what I have.

There is an article about how to use recoll with PDF XMP metadata here: http://www.lesbonscomptes.com/recoll/recoll_XMP/index.html The article mentions the tool used to edit the metadata (jabref). But XMP metadata is not the same as basic pdf info fields and requires a modification of the Recoll pdf filter.

Also on Linux, pdftk and exiftool can display and change basic pdf metadata. These are command line tools, and while it’s not too hard to build small script around them for specific tasks, I’ll agree with you that they are not "easy apps". I have no idea about the latter existence, beyond going to Google…