Unknown reporter writes

Hello --

I have actually successfully compiled recoll under cygwin but have uncovered some issues with the build system while running under cygwin. Unfortunately I do not have any knowledge in build systems other than cmake in terms of doing things "the right way" so what I did was a bit of a hack. But here are the problems that I have found:

I used --disable-x11mon and --disable-qtgui with my config string.

#1 — configure does not find iconv. I had to remove the iconv/exit line and manually add -liconv in mk/localdefs. (localdefs is attached)

#2 — pxattr silently fails and stalls compilation ( this is by design for some reason…) I have attached a patch that will allow pxattr to compile under cygwin, I will also be submitting this to upstream. This patch is based on the latest version of pxattr in upstream. Which was 2.1.0 from Freshcode.

#3 — I had to specify -liconv under INCICONV and -lxapian under XAPIANCXXFLAGS. And change LIBXAPIAN to just "-lxapian -lz".

This compiled everything but the python. In order to get the python packages you must compile with python support but remove the python dir from all in the Makefile. Then you must manually compile rclextract adding -liconv -lxapian and -lz to the end of the g++ line.

Finally you can install via "make install". recollindex and recollq work perfectly fine.

ignatp writes

Sorry didn’t mean to link previous issues, didn’t know bitbucket’s markup.

medoc writes

Thanks for reporting this. Should be fixed by these changes to the build system: https://bitbucket.org/medoc/recoll/commits/0d98d051acad011bc4ab9417c50b9c97823aa7dc