Unknown reporter writes


i’m using Recoll 1.19.3 on Ubuntu using PPA recoll-backports.

In $HOME/.recoll/recoll.conf, I have this : skippedPaths = .*

However, recoll index all files in .something folder, which was not the case before.

medoc writes


Are you sure that this has worked in the past ? With what version ? As far as I can see (but I may be mistaken), this never worked.

You should use skippedNames, not skippedPaths for doing this. Alternatively, something like:

skippedPaths = ~/.*

should work, but it will only skip dotfiles/dirs directly under your home.

But this is all mostly from memory, so I stand ready for contradiction :)

medoc writes

Usage error as far as I can see

recollcool writes

Hello, I revert to this version: Recoll 1.16.2 + Xapian 1.2.8 http://www.recoll.org http://www.xapian.org

And I have skippedPaths = .* which seems to work.

However as I only want to index my home, so your skippedPaths = ~/.* should be great, I will try it.

medoc writes

Ok. this was probably a bug in 1.16.2…

This is not explicitly said in the documentation, but quite clear from the context, skippedPaths values should be absolute paths. skippedNames is used for skipping specific directory entries.