tom63 writes

On Fri May 17 16:46:38 2013 synaptic decides to update recoll (1.18.1-1ppa1precise1) to 1.19.2-1ppa1precise1 from ppa:recoll-backports/recoll-1.15-on. After that I lost the "open parent folder" item in search result context menu. I also lost the German translation of this menu (all English now).

How can I return to recoll 1.18.1-1ppa1precise1?

medoc writes


I have set up another PPA for people who would rather stay with 1.18 than deal with initial issues in 1.19. The packages are currently queued for building, and should be there tomorrow:

medoc writes

Restore "Open Parent" popup menu entry. Useful to open the enclosing folder. Closes issue #141

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