Unknown reporter writes

I always get this error.. and i cannot find the reason for it.. any ideas?

RCLMFILT: rcllnotes : This may take a while, please have patience. :2:../internfile/internfile.cpp:831:FileInterner::internfile: next_document error [/home/ozzy/lotus/notes/data/archives/OzArch.nsf] application/x-extension-nsf RCLMFILT: rcllnotes : Extracting documents from /home/ozzy/lotus/notes/data/mail07/MYMAIL.NSF

medoc writes

I’m not too sure what’s happening here, there may be many reasons.

What I’d try:

  • Turn up the log level to 6 (you can do this from the GUI index config section), and retry, maybe there will be an indication. Else:

  • Execute the filter on the command line, like in:

/path/to/my/filter /path/to/my/notesdoc.nsf > /tmp/filtrace 2 >&1

and have a look at the output. By default, when executed in this way, the filter should output all document data, which may be too much and also binary… To avoid this, comment the following line at the end of recoll/filters/rclexecm.py:


This way, it should only print the internal paths of the subdocuments.

medoc writes

No news, and likely to be an issue specific to the Notes filter, which I can’t fix anyway.