viktor_ writes


  • Does it possible to do the top level filters in the GUI accessed by the the checkboxes instead radiobuttons. Then it will be possible to do quick search not only by one, but also by few categories (or user defined filters)

  • may be it’s a good idea to keep "advanced search" in a main GUI window as left or right panel. (not in separate window) # Thank you. #

medoc writes

Hi Viktor,

About the top level filters, I really think that the most common use is to only have one active, so that the current solution is correct. If you really want to OR several of them you can always use something like type:media type:message in the query language (or use advanced search).

About the advanced search panel, I guess that you have a very big screen and I have to disagree again: it is sometimes useful to visualize both the result list and the search screen (e.g. for copy/paste), and, with a medium-sized screen, this is easier to do if the search panel is detached. The best solution here would be a detachable integrated panel, but I don’t like GUI programming, so I do as little as I can. If you can work on it or find someone who would, I’d welcome a patch !

Thanks for commenting anyway !



viktor_ writes

Hi, Medoc

Thank you for advice and useful tool.