Muffins writes

Hi, me again.

I’m wondering why recoll doesn’t let you filter by mime type application/x-fsdirectory to just list directory results?

This is particularly useful for me because our historical archive system uses a path similar to:

` /media/raid/archive/90000 - 91000/Some random job name - 90123/ `

The below command returns no results.

recoll -t -n 0-10 -F "filename mtype mtime relevancyrating rcludi fbytes abstract" '90123 mime:application/x-fsdirectory'

Yet this command returns results as expected.

recoll -t -n 0-10 -F "filename mtype mtime relevancyrating rcludi fbytes abstract" '90123 mime:image/jpeg'

Searching with no filter returns all results including the directories.

And yes I know that I could filter the result set myself, but that would defeat the point of the pagination! :)

I’m using Ubuntu 12.04 and your PPA on the latest version.

medoc writes

Ok, I think that I found the issue and I have a possible workaround. Could you please try to add the following to ~/.recoll/mimeconf:


application/x-fsdirectory = exec rclnull

You do not need to reindex, just test the query.

Muffins writes

Sorry for the delay… Bitbucket isn’t emailing me for some reason.

Just tested that this solution works a treat, thanks!