dbainbridge writes

After a search, I get something like the following:

"Query results (filtered) Documents 9-16 out of at least 109 for (show query) Previous Next

Previous Next"

but no results, preview or edit links are shown.

I can display the results as a table but cannot view any of them.

Recoll 1.17.3-2 and python-recoll have been installed as packages on Linux Mint Debian Edition Update 6 and additional supporting packages. I have not modified the default configuration files.

medoc writes

I think that this is a known problem that occurs from time to time: the following workaround is listed in the BUGS list, please try it and we’ll try something else if it does not work:

It will sometimes happen that the result list paragraph format stored in the Qt preferences file will get garbled, causing result lists with no displayed paragraphs (the counts and pages are ok, the results can be seen in table mode, but not in list mode). The workaround is to go to

Preferences- >Query configuration- >User interface

and erase the result paragraph format string (^A DEL in the text area), this will reset the string to the default value.

dbainbridge writes

Paragraph format string is empty, but typing ^A DEL just the same does the trick. Thanks!