agupta133 writes

Hi ,

I need to work with the redhat linux 4 but i need the rpm package for the recol where should i can download the package..

Please provide me the detail that which version of reco can be used in the red hat linux 4

medoc writes

I’ll assume that we are talking about RHEL 4, not redhat 4.x circa 1995-1997 :)

I don’t think that there are packages for RHEL. Maybe you can adapt the rpm from Fedora, but actually, I think that the best option would be to compile from source. If the Qt version is 3, you need to use recoll 1.14, newer versions are only compatible with QT4. The build instructions are in the manual:

You can contact me if you have specific issues while doing this.

medoc writes

Packaging is an issue for the packagers from the specific Linux distrib, not a Recoll issue