sudodus writes

I have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Recoll version 1.16, unzip and xsltproc, and tested with an odt file, and recoll does not find a text string, that I know is in an odt file. I recently created that odt file with Libreoffice Writer.

Recoll, unzip and xsltproc are all from the Ubuntu repos (no special download as far as I can remember).

ps/ Recoll works well with for example pdf files/ ds

medoc writes

Hi, and thanks for reporting this. Almost needless to say I can’t reproduce the problem (just tried), so there must be something special to your config and we need to have a better look.

Is there anything special to the string you are searching for (e.g.: not in the main body of text, special punctuation, etc.) ?

The first thing to do would be to try and reindex the file and see what the indexing says.

Edit ~/.recoll/recoll.conf (or use the Indexing Configuration GUI), and set a file name for the log file, and set the verbosity level to 6:


logfilename = /tmp/rcltrace
loglevel = 6

Then try to reindex the file:

recollindex -e /home/me/path/to/the/file.odt

recollindex -i /home/me/path/to/the/file.odt

Please save the log file at this point (don’t use another command like recoll, it would erase it), check that there is nothing confidential in it, and send it to me (jf at or as an attachment here). I’ll take a look to check that the file is indexed by content. Also if there is no privacy issue with the file contents, a copy would help. Else we’ll do without.

sudodus writes

Well, what should I say? Maybe I should blush, because I simply forgot to reindex my computer. After reindexing, Recoll found the simple test file using a string in its content, in this case: This text is (was originally) in the test file test.odt. And my next step was to check with other odf files, and they work too.

So I am sorry to have bothered you with this unnecessary issue. I will also post a message in the thread about searching odf files in the Ubuntu Forums.

Summary: Recoll does what it is supposed to do, and it does it well :-)

medoc writes


Don’t be sorry for good news :)

Closing the issue. If you end up using Recoll frequently, I would suggest upgrading to 1.18, using the Recoll PPA, there are quite a few issues in 1.16 which were fixed in 1.17 and 1.18.