Unknown reporter writes

Installed recoll and had it create index of my home directory.

Noticed all items in my bin directory got skipped.

Removed .recoll and ran

recollindex -f

Still skipped my bin directory.

medoc writes

Yes, you’re right "bin" is in the skippedNames list. You can remove the entry inside the GUI index configuration/local parameters section.

I’ll remove it from the list for the next release, searching in bin/ dirs can be useful for search by name or even shell-scripts.

mmcgillis writes

The issue to me with this is not that bin was in the skippedNames list which it was but that according to the documentation for -f it should ignore those settings.


recollindex -i will index individual files into the database. The  stem
expansion  and  aspell  databases will not be updated. The skippedPaths
and skippedNames configuration variables will be  used,  so  that  some
files  may  be skipped. You can tell recollindex to ignore skippedPaths
and skippedNames by setting the -f option.  This  allows  fully  custom
file  selection  for  a  given subtree, for which you would add the top
directory to skippedPaths, and use any custom tool to generate the file
list (ie: a tool from a source code control system).