Unknown reporter writes

I’m using the following recoll:

changeset: 3031:5c562eb5e600 branch: RECOLL_1_18_MAINT tag: tip user: Jean-Francois Dockes <jfd@recoll.org > date: Mon Nov 05 11:02:28 2012 +0100 summary: Release 1.18.1 tagged

When I use filename search, wildcat on the beginning (prefix) doesn’t not work. At the end, it works. (Ex: Android* - > Ok Android - > Not Ok


medoc writes


I can’t seem to be able to reproduce this easily. Could you please tell me:

  • If you are using a default index (stripped), or if you set indexStripChars=0 in the configuration (this should not change anything for file names, but anyway…)

  • What is the exact file name that is missing (I can’t read it on the screencast and maybe things like embedded white space are important).

  • If possible what is displayed when you click the "Show query" link in the result list.

fabricio_ceolin writes

Hi medoc,

1) At now, I’m using the default index.

2) I’m having these files:

Addison-Wesley Android Wireless Application Development 2nd (2011).pdf
Addison-Wesley The Android Developer's Cookbook, Building Applications with the       Android SDK (2011).pdf

When I search for Android, Android*, *Android*, android, android\* or *android\*, using filename option, nothing of these files appear.

3) See the screenshot attached.

PS: Try to watch the screencast changing to HD (720p). You will see better.

fabricio_ceolin writes

Show Query

medoc writes

Sorry, I just can’t reproduce the problem.

Are you sure that these files are inside the indexed area ? Can you find them when searching by content ?

medoc writes

No news and cant reproduce…