bnlawrence writes

I have a number of odg files created by both open office and libreoffice, which don’t appear to be being indexed. No .odg file appears in the results from any query, but if I create a pdf from my odg files (in the same directory), the queries find the content, so it’s not the query itself.

My environment is linux mint 14 (based on ubuntu 12.10), on a cinnamon desktop (not that I think that’s relevant) with Recoll 1.17.3 + Xapian 1.2.12 (from the ubuntu upstream repository).

Recoll reports that I have the appropriate helper for odg (or at least I assume so, from this): application/vnd.sun.xml.draw and the absence of any helpers in the missing list which might be relevant, however, I note that it’s actually reported as application/ by the file properties utility. Maybe that’s a clue?

medoc writes

Hi. I think that adding a line to ~/.recoll/mimemap should clear the problem:

odg = application/vnd.sun.xml.draw

I’ll add this to the next release if you tell me it fixes the issue.

I’ll also add a mimeconf entry for application/ Either one of the two changes should fix the problem.

bnlawrence writes

(Reply via b.n…

Many thanks, that did the trick! Cheers Bryan

medoc writes