larsthon writes

recollindex -i segmentation fault on empty inputs. To reproduce the bug, simply run the following two commands:

mkdir /tmp/empty

find /tmp/empty -mtime -2 -type f -print | recollindex -i

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Recoll version: Recoll 1.16.0 + Xapian 1.2.7

A small problem but it can be significant. I ran into the problem because I was writing a script that does incremental index updates, restricted to files created in the last N days. If some particular directory has no new files there will be a segmentation fault.

medoc writes

Thanks for reporting this, it will be fixed in the next releases. There are no consequences to the index, recollindex crashes before opening it.

It’s fixed by the following one-line change if you want to fix your local copy:

1.16 is really ancient by the way, and will get no more updates. Maybe it’s time to think about 1.17, as 1.18 will soon be available :)



larsthon writes

Thanks for the fix.

I’m running 1.16 because that is the latest version served up by Fedora 14. Will look into a manual upgrade.