jeckmann writes

When I reboot my laptop, recoll takes quite some time to go over my files (only text/pdf/ps files, no mail etc)

However I KNOW that these files have not been changed between the shutdown and the reboot, and so I KNOW the database is ok at this point. Is there a way to start recoll after a reboot so that no "new" indexing takes place, and only indexing when I add a new file in the directory?

I currently start with: recollindex -m -D -w 1 &

using recoll 1.16.2 on ubuntu 12.04

medoc writes


There is an option (-n) to skip initial indexing with -m in the current trunk code, but the trunk is currently a bit far gone to be usable. I could be persuaded to port it to 1.17 (it’s just a few lines), but you’d have to compile from source then.

medoc writes

Closing this as the feature will be in the next release.