Psxtcl: a TCL library to drive an Embedded Data Systems HA5 adaptor.

Embedded Data Systems devices and adaptors are useful to control real world devices like thermometers or power switches from a computer.

The HA5 controller communicates over a standard rs232 port and implements the relatively complex 1-wire or microlan protocol, freeing the computer from any timing constraints.

Psxtcl implements the low interface layer between a TCL program and an HA5 adaptor (it should be easy to adapt to a simpler, cheaper HA7E too, or to a bigger HA5-30). It is then trivial to write an application running on a Linux, FreeBSD or any UNIX computer. My own application controls the temperature in my wine cellar.

Psxtcl is free and provided under the GPL license.


Download version 1.1.3.

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