1. User guide
  2. Using weights
  3. Data retention
  4. Security and privacy issues
  5. (Absence of) Warranty
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User guide

Typical usage:

In order to use the system, you first need to create a group (use the Create group link on the home page).

Chose a name (Ex: 'Florida2005' ou 'bob and friends'). Avoid special characters.

You should add a connection password. This is mainly to avoid someone connecting to your group by accident, especially if the group name is quite common (if your group is like 763BobMarthaAndMeWentToTheMoon, you probably need no password).

You then enter a list of pseudos for the group members. You can't change these once the group is created (but you can add more members)

Once the group is created, you can enter account lines.

Each line stands for a specific expense, and has the following elements:

Each time you commit some accounting lines, the application recomputes the current state of things. Lines are not saved until you click the button.

Whenever you like (typically when you're done), you can ask for the list of transfers that should be performed to restore the balance (you get the list by clicking on the bottom line link.

Using weigths

In most cases, you don't need weigths, so you can skip this. Leave them at 1.

Weights can be useful in the case where the group members are really families. You can then use the number of people in each family as weights to be used for repartition.

Weights will only be used for account lines where there are several recipients. If X pays for Y only, no weights are used. If X pays for X and Y, or Y and Z, the debt is spread according to weights for X and Y or Y and Z.

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Data retention

All data is currently kept forever. You can disconnect and come back, it will be waiting for you. We may implement deletion of old data one day if the database grows too large.

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Privacy, security

The site is not secure. Use pseudos, nobody cares about fifi, riri and lulu's accounting. If your accounting does impact homeland security, please keep them elsewhere :)

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(Absence of)Warranty

If it happens that my computing is awfully buggy resulting in your losing friends (were they, really?), that's your problem, not mine, you've been warned.

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I use cookies to manage your session. They're needed. Can't do without.

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The internal algorithms are incredibly confidential, and:

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