PrzemoF writes

Could you add sorting to the song list (click-to-sort, I know there is an option in Preferences)? And option to change column width…

P.S. Thanks a for a really nice piece of software! 🥇

medoc92 writes

Do you mean something like clicking on a column header to change the sort order ?

About the column widths: the directory area is HTML and I don’t know how to make the columns resizeable. I guess that this would be feasible with a bit of javascript, but this looks complicated.

While I was looking at this anyway, I added classes to the columns so that it would be possible in theory to use css to adjust how the table works. In my tests, this is not very convincing, I generally prefer what the automatic sizing comes up with.

I added an entry to the popup which goes directly to the sorting preferences.

PrzemoF writes

Yes, click to sort would be great. The right click menu with sort order is very handy - I just tested it and works fine. Thanks!