parkmino writes

(servers) > … > Korean directory characters are broken while english is fine. It might be related to the used font.

medoc92 writes

As you mention, I think that this is a font issue (I can display european accented chars without problem, so I think that the Unicode processing is ok.

You can change the font at the top of /usr/share/upplay/cdbrowser/cdbrowser.css:

/* General font selection. This is the place to adjust the font size for the
 * directory browser area. The distributed file uses the system
 * default (the size spec is commented out. */
html, body, form, fieldset, table, tr, td, img {
/*    font-size: 10pt;*/

parkmino writes

I changed the font, however, the browse path is still broken.

tack1953 writes

I have the same issue in Japanese UITF-8, I confirmed Garbled characters bug in upplay1.2.7(debian GNU/Linux). Characters of contents displayed correctly, but directory name including Japanese UTF-8 would be Garbled characters. I swtched back to upplay 1.2.6, in 1.2.6 displayed correctly.