lozdown writes

I have upplay running on lubuntu which works perfectly. It finds my 3 renderers (raspberry pi/volumio*2 lubuntu/mpd + upmpdcli *1) and media server (raspberry pi/volumio + minimserver). The same version upplay(1.2.0) installed on Dell XPS12/Windows 10 does not locate any renderers or media server. The Dell XPS12 only has wireless network connection connected to the same internal network.

Linn Kinsky does work correctly after selecting the wireless network during its initial configuration.

medoc92 writes

I think that upplay 1.2.3 is the first version with an option to select network interfaces. 1.2.4 is the current version, maybe try to install it and see if selecting an interface improves the issue ? http://www.lesbonscomptes.com/upplay/upplay-windows.html

(You can select an interface from the preferences).

lozdown writes

upplay 1.2.4 works fine